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A group for the support and promotion of gender minorities and women in physics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Past GREAT IDEAS Materials

12/7/2022 – Excursion to the Sifting and Reckoning exhibit at the Chazen Museum

11/19/2022 – N Hatfield et al, Do introductory courses disproportionately drive minoritized students out of STEM pathways? (Journal Article)

11/2/2022 – Appleby et al, Disciplinary significance of social caring in postsecondary science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (Journal Article)

10/19/2022 – M Dancy and A Hodari, How well-intentioned white male physicists maintain ignorance of inequity and justify inaction. (Journal Article)

9/21/2022 – Physical Review Physics Education Research: Postsecondary physics curricula and Universal Design for Learning: Planning for diverse learners (Journal Article)

9/15/2022 – Invited speaker Professor Erika Marin-Spiotta, “Humanities Education for Anti-Racism Literacy (HEAL) in the Sciences: Informing Research and Teaching Practices”

8/16/2022 – Prizes are not always a win for science (Article)

7/19/2022 – Sections “Literature Review: Motherhood and Academia”, “Results: balancing motherhood and academic science”, and “Results: Instability” in: Ebru Eren (2022) Never the right time: maternity planning alongside a science career in academia, Journal of Gender Studies, 31:1, 136-147, DOI: 10.1080/09589236.2020.1858765 (Journal Article)

6/21/2022 – Fix the system, not the students (Article)

5/2/2022 – How a culture of white privilege discourages Black students from becoming physicists (Article)

4/14/2022 – Misaligned Visions for Improving Graduate Diversity: Student Characteristics vs. Systemic/Cultural Factors (Article)

8/20/2021 – How to Be Human in Physics (Article)

7/30/2021 – Scientific Racism w/ Angela Saini (podcast)

7/9/2021 – Why More Women Study Physics in Muslim Countries (Article)

Summer 2021 – The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, & Dreams Deferred by Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (Book) *Trigger warning: rape (Ch 11)

2/2/2021 – Mental Health in Grad School w/ Susanna Harris (podcast) *Trigger warning: suicide at about 1h4m of podcast

11/13 – 11/16/2020 – Picture a Scientist (Film) with PGSC

9/8/2020 – Black Women Physicists in the Wake (audio and transcription)