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University of Wisconsin–Madison
A group for the support and promotion of gender minorities and women in physics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison


Gender Minorities and Women in Physics Constitution

Updated: August 31st, 2021

Article I. Name

The name of the organization shall be the Gender Minorities and Women in Physics, to be abbreviated as (GMaWiP).

Article II. Mission

This is a group for women and gender minorities in physics. Our goals are to provide both professional development and support for women and gender minorities in physics at every step in their careers by taking concrete actions through the following methods:

(I) Career Development,

(II) Mentorship,

(III) Fellowship, and

(IV) Outreach.

In addition, we provide advocacy for other minorities in physics, including, but not limited to students of color, students with disability status, low-income students, and LGBT+ students.

Article III. Membership and Eligibility Criteria

Membership is open to any person affiliated with UW-Madison (including, but not limited to, those enrolled as undergraduates or graduate students, post-docs, research scientists, staff, or professors) who attend at least one meeting or event a year. No dues will be required of the members of the Society.

Article IV. Voting

Section A: A quorum will be when 50% of members vote.

Section B: Each member in good standing may vote.

Section C: For any measure to pass it must be approved by at least a 50% margin.

Article V. Executive Board Elections

Section A: The Society of Women and Gender Minorities in Physics shall have a President, Director of Professional Development, Director of Mentorship, Director of Fellowship, Director of Outreach, and Director of Information.

Section B: All officers must be members of the Society of Women and Gender Minorities in Physics in good standing.

Section C: The term of office shall be from May until the May of the following year, to align with the end of each academic year.

Section D: Officers may be elected, and re-elected to the same position, but may only hold the same position for two consecutive years. An officer may hold the same position for more than two total years.

Section E: Election of officers shall be held annually each spring. At least two weeks notice shall be given before the election meeting. Each candidate will be able to post a statement regarding their election on the website and make a speech at special election meeting.

Section F: Voting will take place anonymously and electronically, through the GMaWiP website.

Section G: Officers will hold committee meetings as needed.

Section H: If an officer can not continue with their duties, a special election will be held.

Article VI. Officers

Section A: President:

  1. The President shall be the chief executive officer.
  2. The President, with the approval of the executive board, directs the budget and keeps a current record of all financial transactions, which will be made publicly available through the group website.
  3. The President shall keep the membership of the group informed of organization happenings.
  4. The President shall send out a poll every semester to determine the optimal meeting time for the group and will be in charge of scheduling and informing the group of these meeting times.

Section B: Director of Professional Development

  1. The Director of Professional Development leads the group which creates and manages professional development events and resources/databases.
  2. The Director of Professional Development is responsible for communicating its spending to the President and Board.

Section C: Director of Mentorship

  1. The Director of Mentorship shall be in charge of managing all events relating to mentorship.
  2. The Director of Mentorship is responsible for communicating any spending to the President and Board.

Section D: Director of Fellowship

  1. The Director of Fellowship leads the group which creates and manages all events relating to fellowship.
  2. The Director of Fellowship is responsible for communicating any spending to the President and Board.

Section E: Director of Outreach

  1. The Director of Outreach leads the group which designs and organizes outreach events to the local community.
  2. The Director of Outreach is responsible for communicating its spending to the President and Board.
  3. The Director of Outreach looks to partner with other communities to create collaborative outreach events.

Section F: Director of Information

  1. The Director of Information runs the elections.
  2. The Director of Information manages the website, calendar and any data the group may collect.
  3. The Director of Information uses both group and outside data to guide the group and evaluate the status of women and gender minorities in physics in the department and in general.
  4. The Director of Information will monitor the budget.
  5. The Director of Information will be the primary student contact for the organization.

It is expected that many of the events will fall into more than one category, and so the officers should coordinate communication and duties.

Article VIII. Member Meetings

The Society will meet at least 12 times throughout a year, starting October 1st and ending September 30th. The President will be in charge of informing the membership when the meetings are and scheduling a time that works best, through the use of a poll of the membership.

Article IX. Amendments

Amendments to the constitution will be voted on during the officer election period. Any member in good standing may submit an amendment.

Article X. Financial Administration

Section A: Fiscal Year

The financial year of GMaWiP shall be October 1 through September 30th.

Section B: Books and Records

The books and records of GMaWiP shall be open to inspection by any general member and by other such persons as may be approved by the Board of Officers. Copies of GMaWiP records, constitution and bylaws shall be available for viewing on the Society’s web site.

Section D: Financial Authority

Any member of the Board of Officers whose position is described in the bylaws shall have the authority to approve non – budgeted club related expenditures of under fifty dollars ($50) no more than once between meetings of the EC. Should this privilege be abused the Board of Officers has the right to revoke it. Expenditures of fifty dollars ($50) or more require Board of Officers approval.

Section E: Budget

The general budget for the year (semester) must be approved by a vote. The budget must be submitted by the President for approval by the Society by September 1st.

Article XI: Dissolution

In the event that the Society should be dissolved, the association shall apply any assets it may have toward the full payment of all debts. Any assets remaining after all debts are paid in full shall be either returned to the funding organization (if applicable) or the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physics Department.