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A group for the support and promotion of gender minorities and women in physics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Community Guidelines

Below are the community guidelines for GREAT IDEAS discussions.

These guidelines are designed to make GREAT IDEAS welcoming and open to everyone. We expect everyone who participates in these discussions to understand and adhere to these community guidelines during the discussions. They will also be read at the beginning of each meeting.

  • Listen carefully to others and with respect. It’s okay to disagree, but be sure to show respect for one another. Address the problem, not the person.
  • Each person gets a chance to talk, and only one person speaks at a time. Don’t cut others off.
  • Each person speaks for themselves, not as the representative of any group. Do not ask people to speak for a group of people for a (perceived) identity that they hold.
  • If someone says something that hurts or bothers you, say so, and say why.
  • Help the facilitator keep things on track, and help hold each other accountable to sticking to these community guidelines. If someone says something contrary to these guidelines and you feel comfortable doing so, say something.
  • Some of the things we will say in the study circle will be private (personal). We will not tell these stories to other people, unless we all agree that it is okay.
  • Respect the pronouns of others.
  • Recognize that intent is not the same as impact.
  • Many topics covered may be uncomfortable and/or complex. Recognize that there are no quick fixes for these issues, and lean in to discomfort to help yourself learn.